The question to address in this post is much simpler than others: Is there any biblical proof that the 70th week of Daniel = the tribulation period?

This equation is critical to the pre-trib, premill view of the rapture. That is, without this equation, that view is very damaged.

Sure, there are plenty of biblical references to a time of tribulation, “the time of Jacob’s trouble,” and of course there is the “70 weeks” prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27.  But is there any biblical proof that these terms overlap or are to be defined by each other? Is the 70th week of Daniel ever called or alluded to as a period of tribulation? You’d think that would be important (at least I would).

A couple of observations are in order on this one – I’d like some participation from you all, too.

1. Here is a link to all the occurrences of the word used in Matthew 24 for “tribulation” (Greek: thlipsis). Does any use of the term allude to Daniel 9’s 70th week?

2. Notice that in Daniel 9 the only reference to “trouble” (v. 25) is placed before the 70th week.  The Septuagint does *not* use thlipsis in this passage to translate this word.

3. The only time Daniel 9:24-27 is specifically referenced in the New Testament is Matt. 24:15.  Note that the “tribulation” period in Matthew *follows* in Matt 24:21 (the earlier reference to “tribulation in 24:9 is obviously personal to each of the disciples of Jesus’ day). This suggests that the tribulation period cannot be the 70th week of Daniel, though *part* of that 70th week is defined as a period of tribulation. This is a common position of the pre-wrath rapture view.

So, what I’d like in terms of interaction is for those who would define / equate the 70th week of Daniel with a seven year tribulation to provide some textual support for that view.

We’ll get into the 70 weeks prophecy itself shortly.