Pardon me for yawning.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks, dutifully serving the Obama administration’s goal of embarrassing the president’s most serious Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, has said that he will release UFO-related documents found in his government cache of illegally obtained documents.  Another yawn.

Here’s my prediction (putting my Great Karnak hat on … there it is). The secret documents will reveal:

1. That there have been UFO reports (old news there; check).

2. That the government has shown an interest in some of those reports and sought to identify the UFO (old news there; check).

3. That certain government and military officials don’t know what some of the UFOs are (old news there; check).

In a nutshell, these documents will sound like all the other ones. Now for some small-c conspiracy thoughts.

I wonder how we can tell if they are authentic?  Think about it. Can we really trust Wikileaks? Are they agenda-less? (I’m chuckling now, not yawning). Further, who could possibly verify that Assange or anyone else down the chain have not altered them? Is the government going to step in and say, “well, that’s right, except for this line in this paragraph; we deny that.”  They could, but could we trust them?

This is, frankly speaking, the inescapable world of ufology.  Anyone can (and will) say anything to cast suspicion (and it’s to be taken seriously since it has such a poor — or good — record of disinformation).