The erstwhile Jack Brewer has an interesting piece over on his UFO Trail blog (which I highly recommend to readers) about Steven Greer’s latest attempt to convince the public he’s the gatekeeper for ET contact and disclosure. (If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Greer, he’s very controversial, even within the ufology community). This time Greer says he has a dead extraterrestrial on his hands, complete with X-rays and CT scans. Brewer’s essay discusses the response to Greer’s claims by microbiologist Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, who basically says Greer is full of it because his description of the alleged X-ray and CT procedures are “virtually void of any established scientific protocol.”

(That’s right . . . Greer’s descriptions . . . no physical evidence has been brought forth . . . Take a moment to recover from the shock and then click through to read the whole post).