All who have read The Portent, the sequel to my novel, The Facade, know that one of the research threads in the sequel is the inherently racist nature of ancient astronaut theory — that is, it articulates the idea that the white European race (and even more narrowly for the Nazis, the Germanic strain) is descended from extraterrestrial gods. The other races are inferior.

Readers of The Portent will immediately recognize that same thought trajectory in the first season of the television series, In Search of Aliens (starring Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens infamy). My fellow ancient astronauts debunker, Jason Colavito, authored the summary at the link above. It shows quite clearly the racist bent of the whole idea and its “proofs.”

Tsoukalos  and H2 (History Channel) should be ashamed of themselves and soundly condemned for this contemptible racist tripe. Having this sort of material in these shows sullies the reputations of people who appear in them who aren’t racist in their thinking. The History Channel producers may be too dim-witted to be able to connect these dots, but millions of racial supremacists and their followers have done so since the 19th century.

Jason ends his piece fittingly by noting that Tsoukalos “truly is the apostolic heir of his mentor, Erich ‘Was the Black race a failure?’ von Däniken.”