Hat tip to Jack Brewer at the UFO Trail for this item. Very interesting.

The link above leads to a paper on the CIA website. The paper is marked: ” “APPROVED FOR RELEASE: CIA HISTORICAL REVIEW PROGRAM: 22 SEPT 93.”

The paper sections are:

  • Nature of Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis of Interrogees
  • Obedience in Trance
  • Accuracy and Veracity
  • Prophylactic Hypnosis (“defensive uses of hypnosis” in order to “induce in [someone] amnesia for sensitive material in the event of capture, or to help them resist stress, particularly pain, in captivity”)
  • Pseudo-Hypnosis as Interrogation Aid

Some excerpts from the “Accuracy and Veracity” section:

Accuracy in Recall: A great deal has been written, especially in the press, about the perfect memory and unfailing accuracy of recall people display in hypnosis. Statements have frequently been made about their ability to recall anything that has happened to them even while infants, and according to some even prior to birth. Hypnotic age-regression is a mechanism frequently used for this purpose. The subject is “taken back” to, say, the age of six. He begins to act, talk, and to some extent think in the manner of a six-year-old. He hallucinates the appropriate environment and gives details about people sitting next to him in school, his teacher’s name, the color of the walls, and so on. His actions are exceedingly convincing, and it has frequently been assumed that an actual regression in many psychologic and physiologic age components to the suggested year takes place.

There is little evidence for the genuineness of hypnotic age-regression, even though there have been a number of studies, mostly based on single cases . . .

This sort of conclusion, naturally, undermines a lot of what has passed (in the popular arena) for “proof” of alien abduction (i.e., testimony of such under hypnotic regression). Basically, that’s skilled deception.