There ought to be some sort of ancient astronaut believer gullibility test. Really.

If you want to have your faith in your fellow man lowered (again) by such nonsense (but perhaps raised by the fact that there are those hardy souls who investigate this sort of nonsense), have a look at this post from Silver Screen Saucers.

This “controversy” revolves around the wacky claim made months ago that yet another enlightened researcher (Raul Julia-Levy) had new, incontrovertible proof that the Mayans had been contacted by an ET civilization and was going to release it to a dutifully astonished world. To tease the world Mr. Julia-Levy before his explosive documentary film (“Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond“) made history, he released unprovenanced (and surely not Photoshopped) pictures of saucers and Mayan sculptures. <GASP>

Even more shocking, the Catholic Church was purportedly in cahoots with this shocking revelation. <B-MOVIE FEMALE SCREAM>

Predictably, as the post details (with links), Mr. Levy seems to be nothing more than a con man.  Too bad. George Lucas’ Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull film was so awful that I was hoping this one would be better.