Nick Redfern recently posted this interesting, and potentially quite important, report on a “leaked” UFO document. Nick relates the story and the full contents at the link.

For my part, the information elements in this document (it has a purported history of what’s really behind the Roswell event) hang together well. The document was composed no earlier than the year 2000, as it mentions the 1990s. Nick gained access to it shortly after it wound up in the custody of Dr. Bob Wood in 2002. That was one year after my (then) self-published novel, The Façade. I’m quite sure that my novel had nothing to do with the content of this document, but the overlap is quite interesting. I would add only that some of the content of The Portent, the sequel to The Façadealso makes ties to the Nazi secret technology works even more plausible. None of those subsequent elements (e.g., mention of the elements needed for the “photo-electric” means of producing the raw nuclear material necessary for nuclear power, but without the use of a reactor, in no less a Roswell-lore source as the Majestic documents).