Here’s a link to a Breitbart story, part of which reads: “Iraqi transportation minister Kadhem Finjan al-Hamami asserted that Sumerians, the members of an ancient Iraqi civilization, built ‘the first airports’ and ‘Sumerian spaceships used to launch from here towards the other planets’ 7,000 years ago.” Classic Zecharia Sitchin Sumerian paleobabble.

My favorite part of the article was the picture used with it — a cuneiform tablet with a magnifying glass poised over it — fostering the idea that some scholar had detected spaceships in the lines of wedge-shaped characters that all the translators had somehow missed (or were forced by the Jesuits and their reptilian overlords to keep secret). The truth — as I’ve demonstrated here, and given readers the means to replicate — is that such ideas don’t exist in the cuneiform tablets. Sitchin literally made up the ideas and now others have chosen to perpetuate his myths. So go use that magnifying glass … or can I recommend an electron microscope? But alas, the results will be the same. No data.

The story brought back memories of Tariq Assiz, the guy who played spokesman for the Iraqi army during the first Gulf War. he’d go on TV and talk about how mighty the Republican Guard was, and how Iraq was going to defeat the U.S. The late Mr. Assiz was described by Reuters as “an urbane, cigar-smoking diplomat who relayed Saddam’s tough and uncompromising stance to his enemies.” Actually, he was more like a living cartoon, sent out by Saddam to make ridiculous claims that anyone who didn’t have to report to a bloodthirsty dictator would say were absurd.

But I’ll play along for the sake of readers. Hey, Mr. al-Hamami, maybe YOU can show me the lines in the cuneiform tablets about the spaceships and the aliens. I’ve been asking for them over ten years. Sitchin couldn’t, but maybe you can.

I’m not holding my breath.