[Addendum: It’s been a while since posting this, and Mr. Stevenson has apologized to me. Consequently, I may at some point in the future do something “on air” with him, thought not on this show. In short, he did the right thing. That’s all I know. I don’t monitor his content and don’t intend to. Other than what you can read below, here is my (very low) opinion of anti-Semitism. It has no place, not only in the Church, but anywhere in the civilized world. Since I’ve done hundreds of interviews, I’m guessing that there may be some other instance where a host of a show I’ve been on may be guilty of anti-Semitic thought. Let it be known, though, that I think that’s evil and would not knowingly endorse the idea or any part of it. I just can’t control what people think or how they might use my appearance. You never do. If anyone has a concern, just email me. –MSH]

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to leave a note for Google’s searchbots about my appearances on Paul E. Stevenson’s Revolutions Radio show. I won’t be appearing on it again. An unfortunate but necessary decision.

This past week I was alerted to the fact (by my kids, no less, and my wife and some of her friends) that my name kept appearing in connection with this show and Jewish conspiracy / anti-Semitic material. Turns out that Paul has had a couple folks on his show promoting Jewish conspiracy stuff. Yours truly of course gets linked with that because I’ve been on the show. It won’t happen again.

So let’s be clear (and write it in the third person so search engines catch it):

Mike Heiser is opposed to anti-Semitism. It’s sin to target anyone as evil-minded because of their ethnicity. It’s wicked to spout conspiracy theories that, at best, apply only to select individuals in government power. It’s akin to blaming Americans for what a handful of politicians do. or blaming all Hispanics for our immigration problem. But given the long, awful history of anti-Semitism in the 20th and 21st centuries, Jewish conspiracy talk is worse. It adds fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism which, like any other targeting of people for ethnicity, is morally wrong. On top of that, it’s contrary to the gospel. How does promoting such “conversation” show the love of Christ of build bridges to people who need Christ? It doesn’t. It makes people glad other people are lost. That really is where so many people take this “discussion.” That’s sin. Where is “my heart’s desire for Israel is that they believe”?

This is all part of the dark side of Christian Middle Earth. It’s part of the answer as to why scholars (and other folks) will simply not traffic in Christian Middle Earth. Imagine the thrill of having your kids, your wife, and your wife’s friends wonder (on social media in some cases) why my name comes up with such bile. Granted, people who know me are going to get what’s going on, but I no doubt will have to field questions from students, employers, pastors, etc. That show hosts think they are doing the work of God by linking people on their shows with this sort of material is very poor thinking. It’s time that Christians who traffic in these areas start using their heads (and maybe their hearts) and take the long look at the effects of their decisions. Maybe Paul doesn’t believe what these guests say about “the Jews.” I have no reason to think Paul is himself anti-Semitic. I don’t think that’s the case. But I have to post something online about all this to make it clear that I don’t want the association with his other guests and their beliefs.

As readers know, I was ambushed once on an anti-Semitic show a few years ago and blogged about it (no link because I don’t desire them to get any traffic). Just two weeks ago I was booked on a show whose host (apparently) appeared on an anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying show. I’ve inquired about why they went on, but have only received a denial that they did the show — and subsequent silence about how the link got on the anti-Semitic website. Hopefully, this host has a good explanation, but I need them to tell me what it is.

So where does this leave me? In a word: disheartened. Another soul-crushing moment courtesy of Christian Middle Earth. It goes in the same drawer as the flat-earthers, the “someone time traveled and changed the Bible” Mandela Effect idiocy, and the Hebrew Roots extremists (i.e., 21st century Judaizers – let’s add the law to the gospel, or just dump Jesus altogether). But given the legacy of misery it has sown, anti-Semitism is worse than all of them.

In practical terms, I will simply be doing fewer interviews. This post will no doubt mean show hosts will never invite me. GOOD. You have my anticipatory thanks. I’ve decided as well to form an anonymous online committee that I will ask to vet speaking requests for me. That email will go out in a day or so. I just need more sets of eyes to vet (okay, use the word “stalk” if you like it) requests I get. I need help managing some time there.

Lastly, if you’re a Christian anti-semite (nice oxymoron — the apostles would love that one), don’t bother posting comments to this post or emailing me to burst a vein in cyberspace, or for a “discussion” of it. What you believe is a waste of my time, and everyone else’s. Ditto for the other items mentioned above. You’ll be blocked and filtered out. I won’t draw traffic to the sites you’ll send me. The purpose of my online presence is not to draw attention to this material. You can get your own blog and post those links.