Well, DUH.

This is what happens when you promote the work of a charlatan.

Cris Putnam has posted a list of the Top Ten Comments posted online about Steven Greer’s Sirius film. It’s worth a read, unless you’ve worshipped at Greer’s altar for his version of UFO Religion. You might have your faith damaged.

My favorite is actually #10, as it echoes what I’ve been posting here (and I’m no prophet – so how did I figure this out?):

10) Lee Speigel of The Huffington Post wrote, “In early publicity, filmmakers claimed the documentary would reveal that the DNA of the creature with an oversized alien-looking head couldn’t be medically classified. In fact, the film, which premiered Monday in Hollywood, features a scientist who concluded the little humanoid was human.”

Oh yeah.

So, what we have is lots of people paying to see something that claims to be proof of ET and they learn within the documentary that a scientist in the show says it’s human. Was there anything offered that overturned (which is different than disputed) that statement? Any real evidence of a non-human life form? No.