In my previous update, I explained the new titles and provided cover art for my two “divine council worldview” books. What follows are the Table of Contents for each, at least how they stand now. I don’t expect much rewording.

The initial draft of what I’d been calling my “Myth book” had less than thirty chapters. Many were egregiously long (hey, it was just a brain dump back then). You’ll note that the new arrangement has 42 chapters, grouped thematically. It also has short summaries and previews and an epilogue. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll blog (i.e., provide) the first three chapters as they stand before final line/copy edit. But here’s the TOC for The Unseen Realm:

 First Things
1    Reading Your Bible Again-for the First Time
2    Rules of Engagement

The Households of God
3    God’s Entourage
4    God Alone
5    As in Heaven, So on Earth
6    Gardens and Mountains
7    Eden–Like No Place on Earth
8    Only God is Perfect
9    Peril and Providence
Summary and Preview

Divine Transgressions
10    Appearances Can be Deceiving
11    Like the Most High?
12    Divine Transgression
13    The Bad Seed
14    Divine Allotment
15    Cosmic Geography
Summary and Preview

Yahweh and His Portion
16    Abraham’s Word
17    Yahweh Visible and Invisible
18    What’s in a Name?
19    Who is like Yahweh?
20    Retooling the Template
21    God’s Law, God’s Council
22    Realm Distinction
Summary and Preview

Conquest and Failure
23    Giant Problems
24    The Place of the Serpent
25    Holy War
Summary and Preview

 Thus Says the Lord
26    Mountains and Valleys
27    Standing Before the Council
28    Divine Misdirection
29    The Rider on the Clouds
30    Prepare to Die
Summary and Preview

 The Kingdom Already
31    Who Will Go For Us?
32    Pre-Eminent Domain
33    A Beneficial Death
34    Infiltration
35    Sons of God, Seed of Abraham
36    Lower Than the Elohim
37    Disloyal Opposition
38    Choosing Sides
Summary and Preview

The Kingdom Not Yet
39    The Final Verdict
40    The Foe from the North
41    Mount of Assembly
42    Describing the Indescribable


The Table of Contents for the (non-academic) trade book, Supernatural, are substantially shorter.

1    So You Say You Believe the Bible?
2    The Invisible Realm: God and the Gods
3    Once and Future Kings
4    Divine Rebellions
5    Cosmic Geography
6    Word, Name, and Angel
7    Rules of Engagement
8    Sacred space
9    Holy War
10   Hidden in Plain Sight
11    Supernatural Intent
12    The Cloud Rider
13    The Great Reversal
14    The Unseen War
15    Not of This World
16    Ruling Over Angels

The Unseen Realm is about 110,000 words (not including footnotes). Supernatural is on pace to be about 30,000. As I noted in my earlier update, the trade book is designed to present only the core ideas as plainly as possible, without documentation of any kind. It’s been a challenge, too. It’s hard to just turn off my brain on this stuff. But I have to do that to avoid overwhelming that audience.

The Unseen Realm manuscript is done (awaiting final edit). I am on pace to finish the Supernatural manuscript next week.

All that and The Portent (the sequel to my first novel/thriller, The Facade) is supposed to ship shortly after July 4. It’s nice to finally feel like progress is being made on all these fronts.

Stay tuned.