UFO Mystic reports that, according to a former Air Force officer who’s pushing his new book, a massive UFO revelation will occur tomorrow over the world’s leading cities. The revelation must happen now, lest we run out of timing to save the planet from man-made global warming. I’ve put it on my Google Calendar so I don’t miss it.

Whence comes this important revelation? You may be surprised:  the AF officer got from the aliens (called the “Transcenders” [or was it the Transformers?]  mediated of course “through the services of a world renowned channeler.” To quote Howard Dean, yyyeeeaaaahhhhhh!!

But of course our officer and author drew upon “his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public.”

Could I just say something?

Please, all of you reading this, remember this post the next time some nutcase UFO researcher touts a witness or visionary who has Air Force credentials. Wearing the Air Force uniform does not insulate the wearer from being a witless crank. Most of you know I’m very pro-U.S. military, and this guy brings shame to the uniform. Channeled BS — AGAIN–coming from the UFO “research” community.And I guess his book was written before the exposure of global warming as pseudo-science. Maybe it was a rogue alien race, locked in a deadly struggle with the “Transcenders,” trying to make it only look like global warming stands on fabricated, skewered science.  Hmmm.

Oh, and one other thing. Next time some UFO enthusiast promoting the idea that spiritual approaches to the UFO/alien question are hopelessly naive and not based on rational inquiry, send them this link.