Kudos once again to Jack Brewer at the UFO Trail. Jack recently blogged about retired intelligence officer Gen. Albert Stubblebine III (part of the government’s remote viewing project) and his wife, Dr. Rima Laibow (“alien” abductee hypnotic regression researcher), and their involvement in promoting vaccination conspiracies via a website masquerading as a research institute.

Here’s the first paragraph:

A website hosting the so-called Wyoming Institute of Technology is posting outrageous and unsubstantiated claims, apparently under the increasingly popular click-bait guise of satire. A quick web search indicated several bloggers and forum visitors to be aware of the circumstances, but it seems no one sent retired intelligence expert Gen. Stubblebine or his writer/researcher wife Dr. Laibow a memo.

You’d think Stubblebine would have at least one friend at the NSA who could have given him the scoop on “WIT” before being duped.