Nope.  For those who’d like a longer answer, read on.

We’ve all heard people on radio talk shows go on and on about the “mysterious” elongated skulls from South America. There are those who say that scientists and scholars refuse to look at this evidence, or that the same are befuddled to explain them. Not true, and not true. These skulls are so well known that you can buy replicas of them-sold by medical supply companies for the purposes of studying the deformation. Here’s an example from this medical supply company:

Anthropologists have actually been publishing on these skulls since the 19th century. Here are two examples from the 1860s and 1880s (scroll down a bit in each from the top to find the beginning):

On Ancient Peruvian Skulls

On the Cranial Characters of Peruvian Races of Men

Here’s a more modern analysis of the cause of the head deformation: skull binding.  How do they know it’s skull binding? Because the devices used to bind the skulls have also been found by archaeologists.

Artificial Cranial Deformation at a Tiwanaku Complex (1995)

If you’re wondering, “Yeah, but what about Akehnaten and those weird skulls?” I already blogged that here, posting a 2009 medical journal article on this.<-->