The comments to my post about Stopping Abductions through prayer has me asking myself where the dialogue goes from here (or, from Roswell 2008). It’s not an easy question. I think there is a willingness on both sides to dialogue, but the issues (obstacles?) are significant:

1. Would any UFO conference deem the dialogue to be appropriate for hosting (or even tolerating)?

2. What is to be gained? It’s one thing to be able to sit down and express alternative views, but is there a specific goal beyond sitting and talking?

3. How many UFO researchers out there really care about the religious element?

4. Having been party to several such discussion, formal and informal, there is a fundamental problem with terminology.  Each position tends to use terms like “spiritual”; “metaphysical”; “God”; “belief”; “religion”; “alien”; and “Christian” in different ways. Without some sort of pre-understanding, the dialogue may not only accomplish little, but may be unintelligible.

Any suggestions?