This is a follow-up to my earlier post in regard to the article on how folklore served as a useful propaganda tool in Nazi Germany. The article was meant to point out that governmental power, totalitarian or otherwise, often makes use of “big picture” ideas – BELIEFS – to serve its own end. History literally teems with examples. Frankly, the idea that religion / belief (coherent to us or not) fuels action, including control of other people, is about as close to a self-evident truth as you’re likely to encounter. An idea like Manifest Destiny in U.S. history is illustrative.

For the Nazis, their religio-mythical base was the Aryan mythology wedded to Germanic folklore. In the hands of Himmler and his ilk, this amounted an amalgam of Blavatsky’s root races mythology and other elements of theosophy, occult bloodline lore, eastern religion, and even ET as a progenitor of the human race. If you’re interested in all this and want to read scholarly material on it, I recommend Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s “trilogy” – the first volume of which is his Oxford doctoral dissertation (the ET/UFO connection is in ch. 8 of the third book):

1. The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology

2. Hitler’s Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism

3. Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity

For our purposes, I thought this article could serve as a springboard to how the ET mythology of the 20th century could serve various constituencies. Anyone who follows “exopolitics” knows that it’s already serving political ends. Let’s list a few that area already present, and some that might surface if there is an ET reality someday-or such a reality is contrived for the masses.

1. The radical political left-wingers – I’m thinking here of people like Alfred Webre and Steven Greer. ET is the answer to global warming and alternative energy. If something happened to sway the masses into believing ET contact had been made – or was genuinely on the horizon, people like Greer, who fancy themselves as some sort of avatar or liaison with ET (by arranging psychic meetings with them for a fee), would be in a position to demand real power and influence-effectively attaining that status. ET would be a political tool for all sorts of global change. Don’t believe me? Look at global warming (which I consider a myth in terms of human causation-and hence human solution-and thousands of scientists do as well, but are effectively silenced). Global warming is really about changing the global economy, redistributing the wealth of the West to the end of government ownership of industry (i.e. socialism and then communism), and keeping the Third World from developing. This is an old agenda, dating back to Marx and the Fabian society. If you want scholarship on this, I recommend the two academic works below:

My point here is that the global warming / climate change agenda has already been merged by some with the ET issue. That won’t change, and will gain momentum if ET becomes official (real or not).

2. The military industrial complex – This one’s easy and also already here (and has been for decades). If you’ve read The Façade, you know that one of my takes on the UFO issue is that the idea of alien craft visiting earth has been a useful lie since the events of Roswell. I was in print with this idea before Nick Redfern, but he’s the guy who’s put the most time into it. The alien crash myth was a carrot dangled before the public to cover up a PAPERCLIP screw-up at Roswell. The science fiction climate was just right for it, and it served as an unfalsifiable mythology that helped deflect attention away from the fact that Nazi and other war criminal scientists were on our payroll helping us fight the Cold War. I frankly wonder if mainstream science could ever come forth with an “ET is real” statement without getting the orders for doing so from the military. It’s a bit scary to think that the military really is in the position of “validating” ET for the scientific community (which wouldn’t be good science). What if there was a selfish, rogue element in our military that cared more for its own agenda than constitutional rule? All that would be needed is for the military to admit (even in private) that all that alien visitation and UFO crash stuff was real, but withheld from the public to avoid panic. The military industrial complex could bring about a new phase of the mythology to accelerate the weaponization of space. It really wouldn’t even need to be public. Admissions, advice, and demands could all be made behind the closed doors of Congress or the Oval Office. ET would be the ultimate enemy for the military to protect us from. Always formidable, always out there, always justifying the need for more. Again, all that’s needed is the BELIEF that ET is real. Just speculation for now, obviously. My point is only how the BELIEF could be used.

3. Radical Islam – Yes, you read correctly. Sound bizarre? Well, there isn’t much about radical Islam that’s very coherent, is there? Nevertheless, it is flourishing. This is in part because, as Muslims who have broken away from Islam (radical and otherwise) have told anyone who will listen, that 99% of Muslims know next to nothing about the contents of the Quran. They know only what their radicalizers tell them. Granted, there’s a lot of content in the Quran that fits their logic and agenda, but there’s also material that doesn’t. My point is that there is no intellectual wave of resistance within Islam against the radical fundamentalists in its ranks because most of the radicalized are ignorant. They are also kept in tow by fear. The educated radicals we read about from time to time typically buy it because they are taught to hate the West, as though Muslims could never be the source and solution for their own problems around the globe. Anyway-did you realize that the Quran allows for, and even suggests, that there is ET life?1 Moreover, the Quran can also read as having Adam created off planet earth by Allah from blood and clay and even a “sperm drop” – who is spoken of in the plural. (Sounds like Sitchin, doesn’t it?).2 I’m not suggesting that this is the correct way to read the Quran, only that it COULD be read this way – and I believe it WOULD be read that way in the wake of an ET revelation. It would be easy for radical Islam to claim that the discovery of real ET life and the relationship of humanity to our “space brothers” was anticipated only by the holy Quran, thereby validating its inspired status. I don’t think that would hurt Islam’s growth and power. Outside of the Al-Qaeda type, these ideas are already being popularized in the urban ghetto 3

4. The most scary group for my money is one that, to my knowledge, doesn’t exist yet in any unified, formalized, intentional body. This is the group that I’ll share some thoughts about in my next post.

Again, to be clear – none of this is about what’s real, only what could be believed, and how such beliefs could be used to manipulate. The ET myth could be a powerful tool to various ends.

  2. Surah 2:29-35; elsewhere (in hundreds of places) in the Quran, “We” is used when Allah speaks, even though “He” is used when Allah is spoken of by another. See Surah 17: 69-70; 86:5-7; 96:1-2; 30:25-33; 72:17-20.
  3. See Yusuf Nuruddin, “Ancient black astronauts and extraterrestrial Jihads: Islamic science fiction as urban mythology,” Socialism & Democracy, Nov2006, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p127-165, 39pp. Abstract: The article discusses the Islamic science fiction motifs in urban mythology. Urban mythology is defined as narratives about supernatural characters and events of oppressed people in contemporary urban getto. It is emphasized that the science fiction in urban mythology speaks of transcendent powers, beings and realms and has its canon, conventions and protocols.